Diamond Flanges & Fittings (P) Ltd.

Kolkata based manufacturer and supplier of Plate Flanges, Pipe Fittings, Forged Flanges and Customized Flanges.

Our Product Profile

Forged Flanges

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Forged Flanges, which includes Welding Neck flanges, Slip-On flanges, Lap Joint flanges, Socket Welding Flanges, Blind Flanges, Threaded Flanges and Orifice Flanges.

Plate Flanges

The world-renowned company actively and professionally involved in manufacturing and supplying and extensive range of Plate Flanges, which are Slipon Flanges (Without Hub), Lap Joint Flanges (without Hub), Back-up flanges and Blind Flanges.

Customized Flanges

Our company is highly established and reputed company manufacturing and supplying superior quality, high performing and durable Flanges of any size so that exact needs and requirements of customer can be catered.

Pipe Fitting

A well-known company manufactures and supplies the highest quality Pipe Fitting, which include Elbow, Bends, Socket, Tee, End Caps and Reducers. These products are made following the demands of market and needs of customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Orifice Flanges

Our provided Orifice Flanges have been designed and fabricated for flow metering systems. Two of the flanges having jack screws and bolts are called "orifice flange union" and are utilized in conjunction with "orifice plate".


1. Puddle Pipes

2. Pre-Fabricated Piping Spools

3. Fabricated Large Dia Pipes


1. Long Radius Bends

2. Miter Bends